ADR Documentation

If you are transporting dangerous goods around Europe then you must ensure that you have all the correct documentation with you for your journey. These include:

ADR Licence

Of course the driver should carry their ADR driver training certificate with them.

Transport Documents

These should detail what you are carrying (UN Number plus technical name) and how it is packaged.

Emergency Instructions In Writing

You consignor must provide you, the driver, with a Transport Emergency Card also known as a Tremcard. This details the exact hazards associated with the dangerous good and this should include details of the action needed in case of an emergency. These instructions must be in a language that all of the vehicle’s drivers/crew understand and must be read by the crew before departing.

The complete instructions in writing text are available to download online free of charge on the UNECE website and these cover all dangerous goods.

Means of Identification

This identification must also include a photograph for each member of the vehicle crew.

Training Photo Card

If you’re training for your ADR you will need a photocard which has your name, date of birth, and unique training number on it.