The Importance of Labeling Hazardous Materials

Labels, placards, and markings are indispensable compliance products and it’s important to stick to the stringent regulatory standards. Below you will find more information about labeling and these are the things you will see on a daily basis when transporting hazardous materials once you have your ADR Licence.

Labeling is important because:

  • They communicate universally – No matter where you are, the labels will identify the hazards of a chemical inside a package no matter what language is spoken.
  • They offer special handling instructions – labels clarify handling requirements for a package, making shipping and handling dangerous goods a safer process.
  • They help employers communicate hazards – Correct labeling will alert drivers and employees towards the hazardous nature of the packages.
  • They help carriers decide where to place packages – ADR Licensed carriers will use labels to determine stowage and segregation on board planes, trucks and vessels.
  • They inform emergency responders – If there is an accident then the labels will alert the emergency services to what they are dealing with.