The ADR Licence Training Card

Once you’ve completed your ADR Licence Driver Training and passed the exam you will get your dangerous goods (ADR) driver card within 28 working days.

It can be called a licence, certificate, or card which can sometimes be confusing but it looks similar to a plastic drivers licence card.

This card is valid for 5 years after which you will have to complete an ADR refresher course.

Where will the card be sent?

You must not transport dangerous goods while you’re waiting for your card to arrive – if you drive without a card, you could be taken to court and receive a fine.

The card will be delivered to the address that your training provider used on your application, so this could be either your home address or your provider’s address, so explicitly tell them where you want it sent to.

If your card hasn’t been delivered with 28 working days of completing your training then please contact the SQA ADR team on

What does the ADR Driver Training Certificate look like?

Whilst this is called a certificate, you will actually receive a photocard, and in the UK is looks like the example below.

Front of card

Front of ADR Licence Card

Rear of card

Rear of ADR Licence Card

Here are what each section on the card indicates:

  1. Your unique Candidate Registration Number
  2. Surname
  3. Forename
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Signature
  7. Department for Transport
  8. Certificate expiry date
  9. UN Classes permitted within tank vehicles
  10. UN Classes permitted within other than tank vehicles

This is the plastic card design of the ADR Driver Training Certificate for the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland which has been issues in this design since October 2013. Prior to this, a paper certificate was issued, but these are no longer valid and all dangerous good drivers should have this card format.

You can see the designs and layout of the certificates from other countries on this website.

Lost, stolen or damaged ADR cards

You must contact the SAQ ADR team on if your licence/card has been lost, stolen or damaged.

It costs £10 payable by credit/debit card and you will receive a replacement ADR card in 10 working days or less.